Open Source Projects Tutorial

The goal of the ManyKey project is to make building custom keyboard interfaces as simple as possible. Our open source tools are perfect for building macro keyboards for the disabled, power-users, audio/video production, and gaming.

Keyboard Firmware (Arduino/ATmega32u4)

a photo of an arduino

Arduino compatible code to power your keyboard project. Hook up momentary switches or buttons to your microcontroller, and program them to trigger whatever keyboard shortcuts you like.


  • Supports boards that use an ATmega32u4, or otherwise support USB HID with the Keyboard library
  • Emulate mouse presses in addition to keyboard keys
  • Supports 10+ characters pressed simultaneously per switch
  • Key configuration is updatable with our ManyKey Writer software, or USB serial
  • Configuration stored in EEPROM - no battery required
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ManyKey Writer

a screenshot of the manykey writer tool

A desktop program for configuring devices running our keyboard firmware. Mac and Windows binaries are available to download now!


  • Windows, macOS, and Linux support
  • Easily read and write key configuration
  • Written with Python 3 and wxPython